Open the Doors to Success


Foundations Of An Ideal State Of Mind

by Dr. Pradyumn Kumar Jain


Why are we overpowered by compulsion, despair and grief? Not

because the individual is isolated, his/her worldly existence is transient,

and his/her physical being is unclean. It is because the individual has not

understood these truths in the proper context. The individual has been a

victim of irrationalism and so he/she did not attain rational knowledge.

Things such as wealth, precious materials like gold

and kingly pleasures can be obtained effortlessly;

but, in this mundane world, it is extremely difficult

to acquire the indubitable knowledge of reality.

All material comforts are easily obtained in life but it is extremely

difficult to attain true knowledge. True knowledge can only be obtained

through an omniscient. Further, one has to have the ingrained capacity

to comprehend the omniscient. When an individual acquires the

knowledge of reality, grief vanishes. The individual realizes that pain and

sorrow are mere parts of reality of life. Sorrowful meditation disappears.

Thus the realization of true knowledge, though difficult, is such an

auspicious feat that helps us deal with grief.  Full Article


Doors are Karmic


Please take this money, I don’t need it

image Money here. Come and get it. Here for the taking.  Piles and piles of money you can have it all.  Recycle your money here with fun DIY projects.  From table settings to fertilizer, money has so many uses.  Now you can have your very own money shredder, FREE! It’s great for composting.  Just listen to what these happy people are saying , “Last year we had the sweetest tomatoes”.  With “NOMO Money Shredder” – (TAG) “Money makes your garden greener and happier from all the hands that touched it”.  What will you to do with all that money? NOMOre trips to the bank, or checks clearing or cashing.  It’s gone forever.

What a relief. With no more “Money On My Mind” who has control?

It is predicted money will become a thing of the past. In fact, the new system of exchange will be based on good deeds.  Take money out of the equation right now and see how people react.  How will I eat? Where will I live? How will I get around? What will I wear?  Sheer panic.

With no money, what will happen to all our major holidays? What will happen to all the power mongers, “Here have some money and do as I say, I’ll love you for it”.  It’s so easy to pay someone for their good deed.  Here, take this money go forth and do good. But not everyone does good with  money. Good deed doers who base their worth on the happiness of others, money is not always the goal.

Make way for a new conduit that will revolutionize the exchange of goods and service

When money no longer exists, what will take its place?  Imagine being  accountable for all your actions good or bad and you received points  for all them.  What would you do first and how many points would You receive?  It would appear that huge companies like Nike are perfectly preening us for the future of virtual money.  Have you seen their new Fuelbands that calculate and monitor daily health habits?  What a great concept for the new exchange system where we concentrate on health first.   Words like purchase, buy and pay will no longer be used.    It should be easy to implement, our children are brilliant at this new system of exchange through video games and apps.  Now all you need is a wrist band that calculates and accumulates points in 24 hour time intervals so you can earn a car, get groceries or put your daughter in medical school.  Good deeds are the future and there are hundreds of thousands of them to choose from with various points to earn.

There’s only a few simple rules for the new program.  The First rule is to ask yourself, “What can I do to help people today and gain points for the good service”?  If you don’t ask the question no points will be issued.  No service, no points,  Good service, positive points.  Bad service, minus points.  It’s that simple.  The “What’s in it for me”, thinking is O-U-T out, it’s in the rule book you see, it says it right here.  The best part of the new exchange is everyone works together giving and receiving points based on good service, selfless service, acts of kindness and compassion.  The extra bonus points come from smiles.   When Points are gained from good deeds, corruption and deception can not thrive and each person becomes accountable for their own actions resulting in a happy and healthy community.  The biggest hurdle of the program becomes democracy. More on this later.

Yo Thales Everything is Math


My eighteen year old is smarter than me.  He expresses life goals with emotional zeal, happiness in favor of suffering, solutions over problems and it’s very clear to me, as the almighty invincible teenager goes, his path is led by his heart. I’ve always been in awe of his air of grounded all knowingness the kind you would expect from the Dali Lama.   Math was not his favorite subject he once told me, after a weepy session of an emotionally charged battle of the wills he says, “Everything is a mathematical equation Mom, there is always a solution”.   Oh thanks that makes everything just peachy but in a moment of clarity, and I have many, I thought, what’s all the fuss about anyway.  He’s right. This math stuff is not complicated at all, it’s only a bunch of algorithms making sense of the world.  Implant humans with emotion, and it becomes very complicated.  Math is easy especially when you look up to find only one sky.  Solutions become clear.


Kanine Karma

Is the family pet saving your relationship?    By order of balance and harmony the family pet is instinctual, intuitive and smart.  They read each family member and take on their human owners character traits.   It’s no wonder we choose pets that share our own unique personalities, they mirror and project our worst and best.  They are constant reminders of ourselves in the most intimate ways.  If you want to know a person better bring an animal into the home.  Trust that you will discover all you need to know about your mate.


A dog named “Three”.