Yo Thales Everything is Math


My eighteen year old is smarter than me.  He expresses life goals with emotional zeal, happiness in favor of suffering, solutions over problems and it’s very clear to me, as the almighty invincible teenager goes, his path is led by his heart. I’ve always been in awe of his air of grounded all knowingness the kind you would expect from the Dali Lama.   Math was not his favorite subject he once told me, after a weepy session of an emotionally charged battle of the wills he says, “Everything is a mathematical equation Mom, there is always a solution”.   Oh thanks that makes everything just peachy but in a moment of clarity, and I have many, I thought, what’s all the fuss about anyway.  He’s right. This math stuff is not complicated at all, it’s only a bunch of algorithms making sense of the world.  Implant humans with emotion, and it becomes very complicated.  Math is easy especially when you look up to find only one sky.  Solutions become clear.     http://youtu.be/LngiZkAnhb8


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