Open the Doors to Success


Foundations Of An Ideal State Of Mind

by Dr. Pradyumn Kumar Jain


Why are we overpowered by compulsion, despair and grief? Not

because the individual is isolated, his/her worldly existence is transient,

and his/her physical being is unclean. It is because the individual has not

understood these truths in the proper context. The individual has been a

victim of irrationalism and so he/she did not attain rational knowledge.

Things such as wealth, precious materials like gold

and kingly pleasures can be obtained effortlessly;

but, in this mundane world, it is extremely difficult

to acquire the indubitable knowledge of reality.

All material comforts are easily obtained in life but it is extremely

difficult to attain true knowledge. True knowledge can only be obtained

through an omniscient. Further, one has to have the ingrained capacity

to comprehend the omniscient. When an individual acquires the

knowledge of reality, grief vanishes. The individual realizes that pain and

sorrow are mere parts of reality of life. Sorrowful meditation disappears.

Thus the realization of true knowledge, though difficult, is such an

auspicious feat that helps us deal with grief.  Full Article


Doors are Karmic

Kanine Karma

Is the family pet saving your relationship?    By order of balance and harmony the family pet is instinctual, intuitive and smart.  They read each family member and take on their human owners character traits.   It’s no wonder we choose pets that share our own unique personalities, they mirror and project our worst and best.  They are constant reminders of ourselves in the most intimate ways.  If you want to know a person better bring an animal into the home.  Trust that you will discover all you need to know about your mate.


A dog named “Three”.